The Art and Science of Victory
Welcome Fellow Warriors!

Since you are reading this I must assume that you have felt some frustration in your effort to take your tennis game to the next level. You may wish you were fleeter of foot, had better hand-eye co-ordination or more native power. In short, you often feel that your opponents are more talented than you. Well are probably correct. Most people are not born with true athletic ability.

Should you give up? Take up fly fishing? Continue to play and simply accept one humiliating loss after another? I say no! Tennis is not designed to celebrate talent. Talent helps, but the player who can master the physics of stroking, the geometry of the court, and the psychology of head-to-head conflict can overcome superior talent in all of its many forms - speed, size, strength, quickness, hand-eye coordination...

Despite any lack of talent you may feel you have, you do not have to settle for a mediocre tennis game. Power can come from efficient strokes, speed from consistent footwork, quickness from economical preparation, and match toughness from self awareness. Within these pages are the tools you need to confront, compete with and even crush your more talented foes.

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The forehand approach shot - this is the ground stroke that can take you from defense to offense.

Classic Forehand

The Classical Forehand - is truly the mother of all forehands. Cruelly neglected by today's playing pros, it is an effective and versatile stroke that can open the door to the attacking style of tennis used so effectively by Jimmy Connors and to the precision placement style of Chris Everett.


Beginner, intermediate or advanced, the Style Picker Tool will help you define or refine your personal tennis style.
What's inside...


You will find everything you need to turn the tables on the talented. We expose the foundations on which great tennis strokes are built. Together we unlock the all important third dimension of the game of tennis. We discover the pivotal relationship of personality, style and grip. You will learn the importance of indirection; that the best way to win is to forget that you care about winning.

We use advanced CGI techniques to illustrate our discussions. The stroke animations are precise representations of the strokes of top professional tennis players.