The Art and Science of Victory
Trash Talkin' Tennis

Sandbagger or Bandit- one who impersonates a lower level player; e.g. a 4.5 playing in a 3.5 league.

Hooked - cheated (intentionally). One who hooks is a 'hooker'.

Greaser - a pro who does something that is consistant with the rulebook but not considered fair, like calloing a foot fault on your opponnent.

Poaching - in doubles, stepping in and taking a ball hit at your partner. Up to level 3.5 this is pejorative as in "You poached my volley you rapaceous reptile!!" but at the 4.5 level or above it is compulsory as in "What the hell are you waiting for..."

Taped - what you have been when you hit the line.

Dirtballer - a clay court specialist.

Banger - a power hitter.

Pusher or Dinker - a player who thits with no pace, usually scary steady.

Moonball - a lob or high looping topspin shot. Also a doubles strategy of lobbing your opponents even unto death.

Megalob - a lob that is hit straight up 2-3 stories.

Shank - misshit ball.

Bagal and a Breadstick - a 6-0, 6-1 score.

Slopspin - a mishit topspin shot.

Tubing - to hit your opponent in the stomach with the vall.

Smoked - passed at net.

Jamming - so serve into your opponent's body.

Califonia Tennis - it a big serve then put the ball away with a big forehand groundstroke - aka 'Surf and Turf'.

DNR - a near ace, from 'Did-Not-Return'.

In the Zone - playing your best with tunnel vision, scarey calm...all of that good stuff.

Walkabout - completely discombobulated - can't get out of your own way. The opposite of being 'In the Zone'.

Sloppy - what yosay instead of 'let' on the serve.

Fuzz Sandwich - what you get if you follow a topspin approach shot to net.

Yips - When you are beset by random, weird unforced errors you have the 'yips'.

Taking Gas - Making a stupid, senseless error for no particular reason.

Power Zone - the spot relative to your body that youo can best produce a shot - a.k.a. your 'strike zone' or 'The Pocket'